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New publication in Optica
New publication in Optica
March 29, 2018
Our article entitled "Brain-wide 3D light-field imaging of neuronal activity with speckle-enhanced resolution" has been published in Optica. We introduce a new high-speed (more…)
Solar eclipse in NY
Solar eclipse in NY
August 21, 2017
We were watching the solar eclipse in the United States together with the lab. Here are some pictures of us using a telescope and one of the most important tools in an optics (more…)...
New publication in Nature Methods
New publication in Nature Methods
June 26, 2017
Our paper entitled “Video rate volumetric Ca2+ imaging across cortical layers using Seeded Iterative Demixing (SID) microscopy” has been published in Nature Methods. (more…)


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Welcome to the Vaziri Lab at the Rockefeller University in New York. Our lab is also affiliated with the Research Institute for Molecular Pathology (IMP) in Vienna.

The focus of the Vaziri lab lies at the intersection between physics and neuroscience. We are interested in understanding how the information processing capabilities of the brain emerges from the dynamic interaction of the neuronal networks. We approach this question by taking a multidisciplinary and reverse engineering approach, a major part of which is the development and application of new optical imaging techniques and approaches to systems neuroscience. We are aiming at generating functional maps of whole brain neuronal networks by extending the current boundaries in speed, resolution and volume size. Ultimately, we are not only interested in uncovering the biological mechanisms, but also the information theoretical and computational principles underlying brain functions such as object recognition, generalization, learning and decision-making.

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